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Youth Ministry Round Up #42

10 · 09 · 19

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Hey All,

Keeping the intro short today. In your e-mail I asked if you trust me, and I hope you do. I hope I’ve earned it. If I have, I hope it’s because I am doing my best to equip you to reach and disciple your students.

I want you to start winning in 2020 right now, so I designed the Youth Ministry Playbook to help you do just that. It’s packed with articles, worksheets, forms, 2020 calendar and much more. Check it out and start winning 2020 right now.

Enjoy the rest of the round up and have a great day!



Youth Ministry

Faith, Farts and Youth Ministry: My Interview With Steve Case


Tik Tok Safety Tips

Spiritual Growth

God has Already Revealed His Plan For Your Life

Professional Development

40 Useful Performance Feedback Phrases

Faith and Culture

For a Lot of American Teens, Religion Is a Regular Part of the Public School Day

Millennial morality lends ‘The Good Place’ its theology — and popularity

‘What Do You Believe Now?’ Film follows up with millennials 17 years later


So weird, your kids will love it, plus, you could make this a game, right?

Do not show this to your students!! Unless you edit out from 1:40-1:44. Otherwise, just enjoy it for yourself.

How Porn Changes The Way Teens Think About Sex

Tik Tok Training for Newbs

If you can’t preach this, you might want to quit now.

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