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Youth Ministry Round Up #28

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I’m getting ahead of the spring cleaning by cleaning up the YMRU articles by categorizing them into professional, spiritual growth, middle school, etc. so you can find what to need.

I’m also bringing back the my The Drop: Spotify Playlist so you can have a batch of fresh songs to play pre and post youth meeting exposing kids to fresh Christian music. (scroll to the bottom)

New Resource: Supermodel

Supermodel is a five week series based around I Timothy 4:12 and is packed with games, worship ideas, small group questions, theme night ideas, slides, graphics and more. If you want your kids to understand their identity in Christ and start wearing their faith on the outside, Grab this brand new series here!


The goal isn’t just to deliver the information—it’s to capture the imagination. – @bernadettejiwa

If persecution should arise, you should be willing to part with all that you possess—with your liberty, with your life itself, for Christ—or you cannot be his disciple. – Spurgeon

Doing your job is not always the same as doing the work. The “soft stuff” might matter more than you think. Doing the work is the ticket you buy for the privilege of doing the other part. – Seth Godin

Call a sin a sin, not a mistake, or a weakness, or a mess. Those words dilute the problem. Mistakes only require you to do better next time. Weaknesses only require you to be stronger next time. Messes only require you to clean it up next time. But sins require forgiveness. – Allen Nelson IV


Pure inspiration.

You only need to watch 2 minutes and 34 seconds to get inspired to set up your own course for March Madness. Check out my prop suggestions below.

Props to make your own Basket Ball Challenge

Numbered Floor Marker

Pop Up Defenders (like in the video)

Defensive Mannequin (like in the video)

When you go on and on about Lord of the Rings, maybe take them to this so your kids will understand.

The random kind of nonsense your students are looking for

Let’s Grow Together  – Grab your book here



Parents Ultimate Guide To TiK-Tok (A.K.A. that ad you always see on FB)

Parents Ultimate Guide To Apex Legends


U.S Teens See Anxiety and Depression As Major Problems Among Peers

When Kids Realize Their Whole Life Is Online

What’s Hot

8 Dating App Teens Are Using

Witchcraft Becomes Political, And Big Business

Youth Ministry

Building A Communications Strategy For Every Parent

YM Pro-Tip: Team Night

10 Things I Heard At A High School Campus Bible Club

The Drop Youth Room Playlist

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