I am torn between two loves: The preparation for the event and the event itself. There are times I love the preparation but dread the execution because the prep is the fun part. For me, preparing for camp like getting kids signed up, figuring out a post camp discipleship strategy, and getting supplies together is the fun part. The anticipation is fun.

Execution on the other hand, is not always my favorite. Actually going to camp and dealing with difficult kids, long sleepless nights, and funky guy cabin smell does not  float my boat. On the other hand, meetings are fun to execute. The lead in and lead up is not nearly exhausting and watching kids lead is fun.

All this to say we go through cycles, by age, by giftedness, and by passion. There are some things we just don’t like in youth ministry and that’s ok, but preparation and execution are a package deal in youth ministry. Enjoy what you can enjoy, do what you love, and delegate the rest if you can. Doing this will lead to a much healthier tenure in your position and life.

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