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Youth Group Lesson On Judging Others: Is Hannah Drunk?

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If you’re a tired of your youth group kids judging each other, may be its time to do a lesson on it. You could do this as a message or bible study and I have included some ideas for resources below on how to trick out the lesson. Here’s are my scripture pick story from the Bible about judging one another

Stories about mis-judging someone from the Old Testament

  • Hannah I Samuel 1:9-18

Hannah was misjudged. Eli was quick to assume that Hannah was drunk and rebuked here when she was weeping in agony that she could not have a child.

How quick are we to judge someone’s outward appearance such as color or clothing and then make a statement or post something on social without having all the facts?

How quick are we to judge someone’s emotional state and draw quick conclusions about them?

There are hurting people all around us and we have no idea why or who they go that way. We judge them by saying things like,

They just want to work the system

They don’t care about themselves or anyone else

They don’t want to work, they’re lazy

They must want to be like that

You Tuber Casey Neistat uncovers one persons quick judgement about a man shaving on a train. The truth about that man make for a great illustration.

Wrap up your youth ministry lesson on judging other with these bible verses on judgement

  • Romans 14:12,13
  • Matthew 7:1-5
  • Ecclesiastes 5:2

If you are wanting to do even more to drive home the point about judging you could design your whole youth ministry room to look like a courtroom.

This kind of series or lesson has multiple applications. Here are six themes you could use:

Here Comes The Judge – God’s Judgement

Don’t Judge Me Bro- Judging One Another Righteously

Witness for the Prosecution – Are There Any Witnesses To Your Faith

Your Life On Trial – What Are We Guilty and Innocent Of  (You could also also use Our Youth Ministry On Trial)

Judges Gone Wild – Character study through the book of Judges

 Here are a few more ideas for designing your youth space for maximum effectiveness. 

Have a student or police officer in your church be the bailiff for the night

Have a jury box for jurors (who will judge us?)

Have a witness chair (swear kids in)

Have students take up the roles of prosecuting attorney and defense attorney (which could be Satan and Jesus respectively)

You can get all the props you need right HERE







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