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Youth Group Halloween Lesson: The Darkness, The Devil and The Dead

10 · 02 · 18

It’s almost that time. The time when everyone loses their minds in ministry and argue over that one day of the year, Halloween. Over the years, I’ve seen so much energy put into whether “the church” should acknowledge Halloween let alone leverage it to reach people for Jesus Christ through things like Trunk or Treat or Harvest Festivals.

This lesson is part of a four part series called Bringing Back the Dead, which starts with Halloween in lesson one, but transitions to All Saints Day where we remember the saints (hence Bringing Back The Dead) who have gone before us. Here are the four lesson in all

– Bringing Back The Dead: The Darkness, The Devil and The Dead

– Bringing Back The Dead Part 1:  Biblical Martyrs

– Bringing Back The Dead Part 2: Historical Martyrs

– Brining Back The Dead Part 3: God’s Deal With The Dead

Remember, there’s 364 days during the year and many Christians are not putting the same kind of energy behind getting upset about the things we shouldn’t be getting upset about.

The real issue is about who’s in charge on Halloween, and the other 364 days.  I get it, “do not conform to the world”  but the world doesn’t own October 31, God does. That’s why I wrote this lesson. I want students to understand the overwhelming power God has over Satan, all the time.


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