I learn so much when I listen to Seth Godin. I recently heard him on Rise to the Top. I believe in his phrase “Do work that matters.”. I would like to think that is what I do with my blog. Every post is a teaching or thoughts about youth ministry in general. I am not the most  knowledgeable voice or the most influential voice but I am a voice.

So, here is why I may keep my blog

1. I have knowledge to share and I want to share it, if for no one else I share it for me.

2. A way to put my thoughts down with the slim chance it might help somebody.

3. I want an outlet to post my creations in the area of youth curriculum, small groups stuff, etc, stuff I am creating for my group and passing it along.

4. I have a great e-mail list of people called Get It First. They are the first people to receive anything I create and I may just make the list exclusive. In other words I may take all my free stuff down and send it only to the people who care enough to sign up. I can just up my storage on my drop box account and send out files from there,

5. This is the most important reason: I want to build an audience around people working with teenagers that cares more about relationships than information.  Now, blogging may not be the way to do that. I have received very few comments in the past 3 years and I am ok with that. I don’t need a ton of comments to feel good about myself or anything and comments alone do not build relationships but I am grateful for the few comments I have received.

Here are some reasons I may kill it

1. It’s not the best format for relationship building.

2. I am not as a consistent blogger as I would like to be.

3. I may move to something else like You Tube. I enjoy making videos and I think I am a better speaker than I am a writer.

4. It cost me $200-$300 every few years to keep it going, In face, this may be one of those years and since I do not charge for any material, or run ads, etc. I  would rather not financially maintain the website

That’s it. So, pray for me as I debate, reason, and pray though what I should do and we’ll see what happens. You can chime in with a vote or a comment.

You can vote HERE. Don’t worry it’s only three questions.



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