I have a love-hate relationship with Thursdays. It’s the day after our youth meeting and I am usually wiped. I spend most of my day fiddling around with things that don’t mean much. The time I do carve out of the day is filled with reflection. My motto: If the unexamined life is not worth living then the unexamined meeting is not worth having

In most pro and college sports, there is usually a day where teams watch game film. If you won, I imagine that day is about tweaking. if you lose, the focus about overhauling. Most post meeting days I am tweaking. This past Wednesday, i am in overhaul mode. There was so much I wanted to throw out, including myself.

Football teams breakdown into groups; offense, defense, special teams. Each meeting I break down youth meeting film into three categories


Who was there?

Who wasn’t there?

Who was new?

Who did I make a personal touch with?


Did we start on time?

Did we end on time?

Did it run smoothly?

What worked?

What didn’t work?


Did I talk to who I needed to talk to?

Did I maintain an even emotional keel?

Did I make sense when I spoke?

Some Thursdays are better than others but I  am not looking forward to this Thursday. If you are interested in a deeper look into my post “game’ report/obsession pdf, just sign up for my Get it First newsletter.

What kind of game film do you look at the day after a youth meeting?



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