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Three Roads To Youth Discipleship

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3 Roads

Sometimes on Facebook you’ll see a random status among youth pastors (this one from Josh Busby) and then the word Go, which is the universal statement signalling  people to offer their answers and opinions. That post is the impetus for this post. At this point I had to make a decision, offer a brief statement of what I thought and let it be the end of it or take it onto here for some deeper thought. Don’t worry, this will not be thesis on the subject but my reflections on my own struggle to define these terms. So, without further adieu,’ here’s how I define these two terms, plus one

Youth Group

Youth group is t.v, an old medium.

Is established and static

The Youth Pastor plans and does everything

Youth Group is about maintenance, doesn’t rock the boat.

Youth group is about floating through the faceless masses, undefined, they gather to be religious.

Youth group is a mini-van, it’s safe.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry is YouTube.

Youth ministry Is busy but not necessarily effective

Youth help the Youth Pastor execute “his” vision

Youth Ministry is about growth, rock but don’t sink the boat.

Youth ministry is about the crowd listening to the Sermon on the Mount packed in to learn about Jesus

Youth Ministry is a sports car, can go fast, but it could also crash.

Youth In Ministry 

Youth in Ministry is a start up in Silicon Valley.

Youth In Ministry is dynamic

The Youth Pastor helps students, discover , develop, and deploy what God has called them to.

Youth in ministry is about discovery, they build their own boat.

Youth in Ministry is Peter, James, and John on a mountain knowing Jesus.

Youth in ministry is a Hummer, it can go anywhere.

You are currently on one of these roads, occasionally exiting to drive on the other two. Maybe that’s the way it ‘s always been and always will be in traditional and even modern churches. I think two of these three roads are dead ends and one, I believe, leads to making the kind of disciples Jesus made.

Questions I’m Asking:(and you can ask yourself)

Which road am I currently on?

Is it taking me where I want to go?

What exit will I have to take (what will you have to stop doing) to get on the right road?

Let me help you get your kids on the right road with youth ministry coaching.



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