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Small Towns, Big Dreams, and The Struggle Between The Two

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I am not from a small town.

I grew up in New York City (Brooklyn) until I was 12 Population 2.5 million people

I also grew up and served as youth pastor in Vero Beach, Fl Population 15,000 +

I served in Panama City Fl. Population 36,686

I served in Port St. Lucie, Florida  Population 166,149

I served in Hueytown, Al. 16,116 Population 16,116

I now serve in Pleasant Grove, Al. (10 minutes from Hueytown) 10,117

I graduated from a discipleship program that was out a church of 10,000.

The biggest congregation I have served as a youth pastor is appx. 400.

My current church is around 200.

I admit it, I have smalltownphobia. I am afraid of small towns. What am I afraid of?

I am afraid to grow old in a small town (Is this all there is?) .

I am afraid my dreams won’t be fulfilled in small town (Jesus could only do a few miracles in His small town of Nazareth)

I am afraid I won’t reach my potential in a small town.(Will I conform to mediocrity?)

I am afraid my passions will be tamed in a small town (this may be more about age than the town)

The one thing I must always remember is my life, my dreams, are not my own. I was bought with a price. I never want my big dreams or ideas or my ego to get in the way of loving our students or my church. I am working my way through all my feelings as I go. I am only just realizing the benefits of serving in a small town, but that is for another post.

Do you have smalltownphobia? Do your big dreams get in the way of serving in the small town where you serve? Does population effect your passion? Feel free to share below.

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