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Help Us Rebuild Alabama

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Convoy of Hope and Samaritan’s Purse are just a few of the amazing ministries that have converged on Pleasant Grove and all over Alabama to help out. They supply much needed with relief with food, water, and meals. As with all relief ministries, they commit about 2-3 weeks to an area and then move on to others who need their help, as they should. As you have may have seen on my Facebook or blog, I have started a next phase missions work called Rebuild Alabama. With my own church destroyed and not being able to be a station of relief; I have chosen to partner with many of my friends like Uth Stuph, Interlinc, and churches around the area to answer the question youth pastors across the country have asked me, “How can we help?”

Rebuild Alabama is a week long missions trip to help with homes that were not destroyed, but are in desperate need of repair. We are moving as fast as possible to put all the pieces in place so you can bring your group. Here are the areas we need prayer for

  • Favor with the city governments
  • Contractors
  • Churches who will partner with us to host groups
  • Meeting the needs of those who do not have home insurance.

If you are interested in joining us in Alabama this summer you can download a sample schedule here. We will have more forms available tomorrow for your students and yourself to fill out, but I hope this at least helps you see a snapshot of what we are up to. If you join us, you will receive t-shirts supplied by Uth Stuph and a week long devotion written by the crack writers at Interlinc.

Join me in prayer, and in person, beginning June 12th, as we push forward to Rebuild Alabama.

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