9 Teen Movies To Remind You Why You Minister To Teenagers

I love movies. I love movie about teenagers because they remind me why I wanted to minister to teenagers in the first place. These movies range from the 80’s to 2018, but regardless of the year, they are timeless in their portrayal of kids just trying to grow up. The Breakfast Club  1985 – They need empathy Napoleon Dynamite  2004 – They need role models…

The Youth Pastors Guide To Leading Students From Boyhood To Manhood

I remember being frustrated with the boys in one of my youth groups, in the early aughts. I was frustrated with their commitment to just about everything. I saw boys wearing eyeliner, listening to emo and acting in ways unbecoming. Let me say, a man can be manly no matter what tribe he’s a part of,…

Six Questions To Get Your Seniors Spiritually Ready For The World

In the previous posts I shared how the different ways students could graduate. Now, the gate has been narrowed. Most states offer some sort of exit exam. What is the point of an exit exam?

“to make sure no students graduate or move on to other courses without proving they have mastered what they have studied.”

This begs the question “Have our students mastered what they have studied?” Never mind mastering what have studies, but what have they studied? How do we know if a student is ready to leave our youth ministry?