I like the movie classic movie Summer School mostly because it’s great 80’s cheese. I am also a big fan of Mark Harmon, otherwise known as Jethro Gibbs n NCIS. But, I also like the movie because it’s about youth ministry.

Think about it. Maybe you have a bunch of kids who feel like they have to come to youth group every week and sometime you (we) feel like you have to come to youth group every week to teach a lesson no one wants to hear.

Does this group look familiar?

But wait, the teacher must teach and the  students must learn. Advice form the movie: Strike a Deal

This movie is really about youth ministry, not really good, really polished, or even well acted youth ministry, but it is about a teacher who dials into kids and finds out more about them and even fulfills some unorthodox wishes along the way.

Maybe we can come up with some unorthodox ways to get to know our kids this summer.

One idea I will be using this summer: On Monday nights, my wife and are buying Pizzas and calling through our families and ands saying, “Have you eaten yet? Don’t  make anything we’ll be right over.”

Other Un-Orthodox Ideas

  • Cancel the traditional meeting and have a cook out
  • Have communion every week.
  • Have your senior adults come share the devotion
  • Get an ice cream truck to stop by your youth meeting (yep, we’re doing this one too)
  • Be really orthodox one week and make everyone dress up for youth service, sing hymns, and …. Muahahahahahah, sorry couldn’t get through this one without laughing.

What unorthodox methods will you be using this summer to get to know your kids or families?

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