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Youth Ministry Round Up: Back To School Edition

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Happy Almost End Of Summer!

School is in full swing here in Alabama., which means you are busy planning, have planned, or are tearing your hair out to get a plan for this fall. If you need help with even the idea of planning, you can grab my book Prepared For Impact to help you out.

Don’t forget my new book The Disciple Project Outreach Manual is out if you’re looking to get your kids dialed into what it means to follow Jesus.

Lastly, my new sermon series Masterpiece could change your kids minds about who they to who Christ made them to be. Don’t let your kids go back to school not knowing they are God’s masterpiece.

Without further adieu, welcome to the Back To School Edition of the Youth Ministry Round Up.

PS: There’s a few freebies at the bottom 🙂

Moving Kids Up In Ministry Idea

Upgrade Weekend

Kids are moving up, hence getting an upgrade. Why not have an upgrade weekend for welcoming in new middle schoolers, new freshmen, etc.


This weekend could be where you ask students to upgrade/trade in their average for God’s best. Kids can also upgrade their passion from average to fire, their bible reading from none to there times a week etc. Give kids a chance to trade in their old and bring in the new.


Have a scavenger hunt where you give teams of kids an item they must “upgrade”. Give students a couple of hours to go house to house and ask for something bigger or better than what they have been given.

The items they bring back they must be able to keep. I have heard that some kids have come back with cars, etc.

Give Aways

You could have Upgrade giveaways such as gift cards/Visa cards so kids can upgrade their clothing, supplies, etc.


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I love this video because it’s from a student. Good ideas.

Great to show at your first parents meeting or a pre-service starter.

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This video is too long to show in youth, but maybe you could run it before service or just enjoy it yourself.

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