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Youth Ministry Round Up #47

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Happy Tuesday All! I hope your week is off to a good start. As many of you know I took on a job as an assistant facility manager at my church. My days are filled with painting, moving and fixing. Seeing the church from the “other side” after 30 years as a youth pastor has been good for me.

Just recently, it was Thank a Maintenance Person day. Encourage those who beautify your church inside and out, it is a ministry that many men and women have been called to do. I do not have that calling, just ask my boss, but I give it my best shot every day. So, go thank those who keep your church, youth room and grounds in order so you can do what you do.

My current job is juxtaposed by great opportunities. I am leaving tomorrow to speak at the Youth Ministry Summit in Kuai, Hawaii. Nice, huh? Someone has to do it and I am glad God has chose me to suffer for Him in incredibly warm weather. Please pray for me, and my wife, and the youth workers I will be serving.

Life is funny. One day I am scraping a fryer and the other I will be teaching youth workers how to build a successful youth ministry. One thing I have no calling for or even gifting for and the other I do, yet God can use me in both places.

If you find yourself questioning your life, remember that you are in process. Who you are today is not who you will be net year. This rough patch you are in will segway into beautiful rolling hills, and through it all you must give God praise. Your growing is the point, not the fryer or the speaking, they are only tools by which God uses to grow us. Let Him grow you, even when it hurts.

Take time to meditate on Psalm 136 and be thankful for where-ever God has you right now.

Have a great week everyone!



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This is a fun countdown with some fun music

You don’t have to watch the whole video to get the point, but you could do something similar with your group based on touch, taste, sight, etc. and lead into a discussion about grace, love, hope and wether they see those things as cheap or expensive.

If you missed it, this is coach Jimmy Johnson being invited to be in the Hall of Fame. I got chills thinking, “What if this is what it’s like when Jesus comes out and says “well done thou good and faithful servant”. Good lead in to a message on Hebrews Hall of Fame.

Regardless of your view on gender, videos like this on YouTube trending are seen by millions of teens. Try to watch, without judgment, and just listen to what is being said and why it rings true with many teens (being yourself, living with no restrictions, etc.).

Proof that the show Handmaiden’s Tale is reality. This is unacceptable.

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