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Youth Ministry Round Up #45

12 · 04 · 19

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If you’re keeping track, I am in a new job. I have left Jimmy Johns which was a four days a week, $7.25 an hour + tips (not bad) 3-4 hours a day to a 40 hour a week assistant facility manager at a church. Here’s how this happened.

I was asked by a youth pastor friend of mine to “secretly” attend his church’s membership class and give him feedback on the process. This is what I usually do for youth ministries, but have branched out to do churches as well. What I did not expect was that I knew the person running the new membership class.

A gentleman that I have known for a few years and have talked with at various denominational functions was teaching the class. He asked me how things were going with Disciple Project Ministries, my speaking schedule and so on and I said I was looking for a 40 hour a week job to maintain the finances until God opened some other doors.

Well. they just so happened to have a position open on their facility team and I was offered a job by the end of the three week membership class. So, not only do I have a new job, but a new church as well do to the excellent job they did with the membership class.

If you’re looking for a Christmas message with some bite, I wrote this message to compare the conventional (holiday) Christmas with the reality of Christmas and thus The Christmas Nobody Wanted (but everyone needs)

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If you are wondering what next for your life, don’t freak out; God has a way of sneaking up on you. More news to come, let’s get on with the the YM Goodies.



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