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Youth Ministry Round Up #44

11 · 05 · 19

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2020 Speaking Engagements (so far)

Hawaii anyone? I was asked to speak at the Kauai Youth Ministry Summit in January 23-25. Don’t tell me God isn’t real 🙂 If you’re on the west coast or in Hawaii, come join us for weekend of unconventional youth ministry training. You can download the registration here.

I’m also speaking at a High School/Middle School Retreat in Vero Beach, Fl. January 31- Feb 2nd. I’d love to connect, grab some coffee with you on my way through Florida. Let me know.

My camp schedule is starting to fill up, but I’d love to speak at your youth camp or retreat in 2020. Let me know how I can serve you.

If you want to know more about my speaking or schedule, you can visit or you can send an e-mail to

Have a great week everyone! And if anyone hasn’t told you, you’re doing a great job!



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Play this through a few times. Drink it in. Cry a little if you like.

A quick lesson in scientific apologetics by this Catholic brother

Look, you knew you were going to get at least one Kanye West video, but I picked a good one for you.

This video struck me on a level I’m not sure I can describe. Faze Jarvis, as he is known, is a popular Fortnite player and YouTuber. For the sake of content on his channel, he videos himself playing with an illegal game hack called an Aimbot, which auto aims for you.

What struck me was the despair of not being able to do something he, as a 16 year old, clearly banked his whole life on. There are several lessons here you can draw from this video like cheating, disappointment, consequences etc. But I think you can also get insight into this generations goals and dreams. Oh, he does drop an F bomb, just so you know.

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