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Youth Ministry Round Up #41

9 · 23 · 19

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Happy Monday (or whenever you got around to reading this)

The creative train keeps rolling here at Disciple Project Ministries. It kind of has to if I want to stay helping youth worker like yourself, so here are a few prayer requests if you wouldn’t mind throwing one up to the Father for me

  1. I am seeking part time employment for a job that will allow me to continue to travel speak.
  2. I am working on a big idea, pray I have the determination to see it through. I’ll let you know when I launch.

Thanks in advance.

Have a great rest of the day (or night)



“All friendships of any length are based on a continued, mutual forgiveness. Without tolerance and mercy all friendships die.” – David Whyte

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Teaches time management

Helps you decide better

Gets you inspired

Makes you ask more questions

Makes you more highly effective

Makes you more compassionate



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