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Youth Ministry Round Up #39

8 · 27 · 19

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Hey Awesome Youth Workers!

I hope you are whole and healthy this week and ready to crank up the fall calendar. I pray whatever you have planned, you make sure to put on the calendar time for rest, reading, play, community (with other adults) and family.

Here’s a bit of news

I am starting a new night for coaching, if you missed the deadline for my Monday night sessions, I am now starting a Tuesday night session starting September 10th. Six weeks of coaching to talk about what’s on your mind, things like,

How do I grow my youth ministry?

How do I handle staff conflict?

How do I build skills and improve myself?

Whatever it is, we can talk about it and map out a plan

Those are just some the things you’ll learn if you sign up for these six weeks weeks of coaching. The big question is, what will happen to you or your youth ministry if you don’t get some coaching? Sign up today!

New podcast is up: Being A Prophetic Voice To Your Youth Ministry

New resource: Leadership In and Out of the Locker Room: Nine Sports Devotions

Keep your head up youth workers, you’re doing a great job, even if no one has told you so.



Church is a gift to yourself, not a favor to God or your pastor. @paulturnertoo

You have two choices. You can wait for the next opportunity to present itself, or you can purposely plan for the progress you want to make. There is no such thing as accidental momentum. @bernadettejiwa

Take it seriously. Of course. That’s required.But you don’t have to take it personally. In fact, if you want to be a professional, it’s impossible to do both at the same time. – Seth Godin



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I thought I’d drop a few youth ministry promo videos here to inspire you to make one of your own.

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