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Youth Ministry Round Up #16

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Let’s stop treating teens like consumers in youth ministry (come to youth group and have fun, meet friends, etc) This approach is losing impact. Instead let’s help them see themselves as activists in the greatest cause in human history…spreading the Gospel!

— Greg Stier (@gregstier) September 9, 2018

👎Things to Give Up

❌Self Doubt
❌Fear of Failure
❌People Pleasing
❌Fear of Success
❌Negative Thinking
❌Negative Self Talks
❌Judgement of others
❌Negative People in you Circle

— Larry Kim (@larrykim) September 4, 2018


Wow! Just…Wow.

This is not a video to show to your kids, although the title might be good for a sermons series. This video is more about reminding us, that artists, have no idea about God or truth so they resort to mocking both.

One key point in the video is where Travis Scott is baptizing kids and they come up and start dancing with the rest of the group. To me, this represents how culture baptizes kids and then expects them to mindlessly follow along  Romans 12:1,2

This may be the most honest commentary on struggling with faith I’ve seen. I was introduced to Robert Jefferson through his Youtube channel Comics Explained, a great channel if you’re into that stuff (like me). I recently saw where he started a personal channel where he answers questions about life etc. This video popped up and knew I had to share it with you. I think this would be a great discussion video for college and career group. Questions could be

  • If you sat across from Robert what you tell him about your faith. Why do you believe
  • What would you encourage Robert to do next in his exploration of faith?
  • Who do you know like Robert and are you having similar discussions?

Old School Veggies

I already sent you the back too school edition but here are a few more

For those who did not go to college for youth ministry (or anything else), this might encourage you. Also good advice for your students.

Answering Your YM Questions Live

Do you have YM questions? Send’em to me at and I might include them in my next live session.


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