Last night was wild. The kids were hyper and kind off in their own little world. I had no ideas they were going to be that way but I’m glad I had this game planned.



King of the Ring is a game I had planned as part of our Greatness Awaits series. Every week I want students to be King of __________ (something).

The rules of this game  are simple

1. Do four rounds of four kids getting in the ring blindfolded each with with a pillow you supply

  1. Round 1- Middle School Boys
  2. Round 2- Middle School Girls (no takers here)
  3. Round 3- High School Girls
  4. Round 4- High School boys

and if I had thought about it , I would have done a leaders round because they were all up in it anyway.

2. Everyone not competing stays outside the ring and a few kids in each side have pillow of their own. If the kids inside the ring stray towards one of the boundary lines they can beat them back in.(this took some extra energy to keep the outsiders out)

3. Each round is 2 minutes (but you could go less)

4. Crown the victors (we gave away free food to the winners)

Have you played a game like this?  What was it?

Any changes you would make?

I’d love to hear your feedback


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  1. Amber-Drew

    We do something about the same with noodles. cut them in thirds or half you place them all on the ground.. everyone is in a circle. If they pick up a noodle they are “in” the game. If they get hit by another noodle before dropping it they are “out” its basically a big hitting game but you want to be sneaky. We normally have a group of 30 so we have 15 noodles in the game.

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