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Youth Ministry Diagnostics

Oil change places have a great selling point, they will check X amount of things on your car for one price. It sounds invasive. It sounds like they’ll take the whole thing apart and put it back together. We feel pretty safe because they will check x amount of things.

The rub is, when they check x amount of things, that means it may cost me more money. It may cost me a fuel filter or windshield wiper, but that’s o.k. if I really need them. Sometimes I say no, but it always cost me later if I do.

Today I’d like to offer you a free youth meeting diagnostic tool. This resource is broken into three categories, People, Program, and Personal. This list has helped me reflect on what’s important (people), what I can get better at (program), and how to develop myself (personal). If you’re interested, sign up for my newsletter and download the pdf here.


Who do I need to thank? __________________________________________

Who needs more attention? _______________________________________

Who was missing that I need to follow up on? _____________________________________ 

Who did I make a connection with? _____________________________________ 


What worked? __________________________________________

What did not? __________________________________________

Did we start and finish on time? Time started__________ Time finished __________

Did the program run smoothly?   Yes   No. 

If not, where were the rough spots? ________________________________________________

How do I think the meeting made my students feel? ________________________________ 

What do I think the meeting made my students think about? ___________________________ 

What did the meeting/message challenge my students to do? ____________________________


How did I feel before the meeting? _______________________________

How did I feel after the meeting? _________________________________________

Was my prep-time/prayer time adequate?   Yes    No. 

If no, where did you waste/lose time?______________________________________

What do I need to change in my process for next week__________________________

What did God do that I did not expect______________________________________

Paul Turner Disciple Project Ministries

When was the last time your did an inspection on your youth ministry? Do you know what to look for? Do you need some help?

Visit my coaching page and I’d be glad to get my overalls on and take a look under your youth ministry’s hood.

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