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Youth Ministry + Culture + Re-Purposing = Innovation

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Youth Ministry + Culture + RePurposing =

As a youth pastor I try t keep up with culture and sometimes culture come to me like the Whip/Nae Nae dance. Which, by the time of this writing is already so July 2015.

Culture has a life-cycle but that does not mean it can’t be re-purposed once the cycle is over. This P.E. teacher took a dance and made it an exercise.

What have you done in your youth ministry that can be re-purposed?

An old theme?

Old camp t-shirts?

How can you take an old game and make it fresh again?

Take an old message, re-name it, add some new content, add a small group piece to it or add some graphics for social media.

I did a 21 day Prayer Challenge with my kids on Instagram and put it in my store.

I took  the show Top Shot and made it into an 8 week teaching for Middle and High School guys.

I took The Hunger Games movie and turned it into a four week outreach.

I took Catching Fire and made it a four week teaching on becoming rebels for Christ.

Culture exists for me to change into what I want it to be not the other way around.

Take culture, redeem it, re-purpose it, and you have innovation.

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