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Youth Group Summer Playlist: 25 Must Have Road Trip Songs

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Youth Group Summer Playlist 2015_ 25

If you’re looking for some new tunes for your road trip this summer. i have put together my list here. I know all the song are not new and fresh by they are my jam and keeps me awake, inspired, and dancing in my seat

Motivated by NF (Mansions)

Turn The Music Up by NF (Mansions)

Porcelain by Not Alone (Not Alone)

Different Drummer by Blanca

Heir In The Air by Renegade

Untraveled Road by Thousand Foot Krutch (Good theme song for the summer)

Eye On It – by Toby Mac (Eye’m All Mixed Up)

Shweet– Trip Lee

Gameface by KJ 52 (Mental)

Tonight by KJ52 (Mental)

BZRK by Family Force 5 (Time Stand Still)

Time Stand Still by Family Force 5 (Time Stand Still)

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching by Family Force 5 (Time Stand Still )

This is My Year by Family Force 5 (Time Stand Still)

Radical – by Disciple (Attack)

Epic – We Are Leo (FightBack Soundtrack)

Next Level – L27

In This Together – Rapture Ruckus (Invasion Vol. 1)

Boomerang – Rapture Ruckus (Invasion Vol. 2)

All Eyes On You – OBB (Bright Side)

Catch Fire – Mike Real (Mind of Hollis)

You Can’t Stop Me – Andy Mineo

Shades – L27

I Luh God – Erica Campbell

Heaven – Group One Crew

Bonus Tracks

Circus For A Psycho – Skillet

Strobot- L27

Shake – Mercy Me

All In – Flame

What’s your must have summer playlist song?

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