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Youth Bible Study: The World Is Still Looking For A Savior

3 · 06 · 18

How do I know this? Because we keep making art about our need for the transcendent. Iggy Azalea is looking for a savior. The problem is, the Savior we want and the Savior we have (Jesus) are two different things. Watch the video and I’ll discuss more below.

Now, if you decide to use this with your youth, think through whether this video is too salacious for the boys. Maybe you could show it for a girls Bible Study or you could just use the lyrics

The imagery is a throw back to Madonna and many of her religious themed videos. 

In the beginning, Iggy sings about a guy and her longing and waiting for him to be her savior, someone to save her. She sings

I’ve been looking for a savior (hey)
I’ve been looking for a savior (hey)
I’ve been looking for a real one to hold on to (hey)
I’ve been looking for a savior, savior, yeah, to save me

She shifts from her focus in the man she’s looking for to her relationship with God.

I feel like God playin’ tricks on me, got a fix on me
Feel the weight of the world like I got a brick on me
Had a dance with the devil and he got a grip on me
I’m just tryna get to heaven, hope you got a ticket for me, huh
I’ve been sending up prayers, I need feedback
Past full of sin, can someone delete that?
My path got muddy, I feel like my feet trapped
Can you give me the strength now to beat that?

Have you ever felt like Iggy? Which part of the lyrics speak to you? In the second stanza, she “asks” seven questions many people are asking.

Does God have it out for me? Deuteronomy 6: 23,24

How do I get the world off my back? I John 5:4

How do I break the devil’s grip? I John 3:8

How do I get to heaven? John 3:36

How can I hear from God? Psalm 46:10

How can I get rid of my sins? I John 1:9

How do I get unstuck? Psalm 40:1-3

By the end of the song, she sings the chorus again, but the question is, has she moved on from the boy and talking to God?

She says, what we’re all thinking and  looking for

I’ve been looking for a savior
I’ve been looking for a savior
I’ve been looking for a hero in my corner
I’ve been looking for a savior
A savior, to save me

We all want a hero in our corner, and Jesus steps up and says, “I’ll be that hero”. Is He the Savior you’ve been looking for?

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