anti reject


It’s you’re right to reject me on many levels,


Whether you’re an atheist who disagrees that there is a God or you’re from a different denomination who disagrees with me doctrinally on everything from The Rapture to baptism.


You may disagree with me on political and social issues like abortion, gay marriage or how small or large government should be.


You may disagree with how I live my life, my world view, how how I raise my  family , how people should run businesses or how I think youth ministry programming should go.

I have opinions on a lot of things, just ask me.

But, before you reject me, dismiss me or ignore me, or anyone you may disagree with, ask yourself a few questions:

Why can’t we work together to accomplish something worth both our time and talent?

Why can’t we learn from each other?

Why can’t we collaborate?

Why can’t there be a crossover of ideas?

How can I get to know you better?

How can I help you know me better?

Even Jesus, who was confronted by his disciples about someone who was not like them, said, “for whoever is not against us is for us.”

Yes, the Bible also says, “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3

So, let’s decide what we can agree upon and move ahead.


Your Turn

Who’s someone different than you whom you could connect and collaborate with?

What are your sticking points in working with that person you disagree with?

What are some issues you both could rethink or tone down in order to get something done?




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