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Why “What’s Next?” Is Not The Question You Should Be Asking In Youth Ministry

5 · 04 · 20

My friend, and veteran youth worker, Terry Weaver and I talk about asking the wrong question in youth ministry. Most youth workers are asking “What’s Next?”. Listen in and find out what question we think youth workers should be asking post pandemic.

Rather than offer a full transcript of our 45 minutes, here are a few thoughts we sprinkle throughout the show. These don’t do the whole interview justice because there are some good stories Terry tells. So, if you’re on a long drive or working on something else and need some good “God thoughts” about youth ministry in the background, listen to the whole interview.

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This pandemic is not the first crisis the church has faced and it will not be the last.

Asking “Who’s Next” vs “What’s Next” put the emphasis back on discipleship and people not program. – Paul

Double down on investing in leadership.

Hopefully, there is no normal youth ministry after all this. – Paul

Look at what this pandemic has revealed in both yourself and how you do ministry?

Where can you pivot your youth ministry to be more effective in the future?

Make God known and are giving kids a place to come and know Him – Terry

You don’t need an alter call to see God work. – Terry

You could excuse kids for not coming to the youth meeting because they had to study, but if they re not clicking on a link to join you, there’s something else going on. – Paul

The gates of hell will not prevail against the church, but it may prevail against your entertainment venue – Terry

Find ways to go big, in person, with students. Just like youth workers are holding graduation services for their seniors in the driveways of their students now, keep doing that and point the way to an even bigger Jesus- Paul

Nobody is going to remember your Zoom meeting, just like they won’t remember you youth meeting, but they will remember you leaving Taco Bell on their doorstep.

Don’t fake it til’ you make it. Tell your kids the Truth, and it will set you free, possibly from your job, but it will set you free. – Terry and Paul

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