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What Would You Like To Be Known For 40 Years From Now?

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I just watched the interview (below) with Sylvester Stallone and it made me think about, as I often do, how I would like to be remembered.

Stallone admits to being typecast, in tv and movies, as the “mugger” or the goon. The movie Rocky was his crossroads. He says, “If I was ever going to make it in acting I had to do this”. Now, with the movie Creed out, Stallone reflects on his role 40 year later.

I’ve been a youth pastor for 25 years but is that how I will be remembered when I’m 62, 40 years after my first youth pastor job?  Being remembered as a good youth pastor isn’t a bad thing. I hope that many of the students I’ve ministered to will remember a lot of good times, tears, and love.

But, I share in this post about my struggles of being a pastor and feeling the pressure of the title and the ostracized feeling that comes with it.

I wonder if there will be a crossroads moment for me where I will dig my heals in and say, “No, this is my role and I will play it.” and will it change the course of things. Time will tell.

Sylvester Stallone calls the role a gift and if all I’m remembered for is being a youth pastor, I’d have to agree with him.

P.S. The movie Creed was fantastic and I highly recommend it.

Your Turn

How would you like to be remembered in 40 year?

Have you ever had a crossroads moment? What was it and how did it potentially change the way you’ll be remembered?


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