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What It Takes To Be Generous

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Generosity is a gift and a skill. It’s something we all have the ability to  do and get better at. Giving  our praise, c comment, a thumbs up, a retweet, a share, a shout out, a pin, etc. are all things we can do if we want to. So, how come we are not more generous? And hat will it take to become more generous


It takes us less than a few seconds to decide whether something is of value to or not and how we want to respond to it. In the old days, if we liked something or was grateful for something we sent a thank you card. We had to buy the card, physically write something in it, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it. That clearly takes more than a few seconds but if what we experienced was worthy of a hand written card or note we did it. Today, we have the ability to be far more generous to far more people in for less time, yet many people consider it a bother.

Yesterday I commented on a blog of someone I do not know to say thank for sharing, a retweeted about a half dozen people and it took me less than three minutes. I believe you reap what you sow. if you want more likes, give more likes, etc.

The will to be generous

 Generosity is a choice. It is normally not a pungent emotion that overwhelms us like cheap perfume, although if we handed a million dollar check or if someone did something unbelievably awesome for us we would be touched emotionally. For me, your stuff does not have to be that great, effort is what counts. If you gave a it a shot to wow me, entertain me, or educate me I am going to be generous to you.

The passion to see others smile and succeed

I love to give the students in our ministry music. Back in the day I gave away  hundreds of tapes and cd’s to kids especially if I knew what kind of genre they liked. I recently listened to a female rapper called Heesun Lee. I love her music and play it in the youth hall frequently. I overheard one of female students comment that they really liked one of the songs so I gave here the cd. I did not ask her to thank me or trader her for a comment, I just gave it to her. i saw this her post this that evening

Probably one of the best female Christian rappers I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Paul
for this wonderful CD I can’t seem to stop listening to.listening to HeeSun Lee
I wanted her to enjoy the cd and I wanted Heesun Lee to be heard. Win/Win.

The desire to reap

I don’t know about you but I like to reap. I like to see the fruition of my effort pay off, that’s why I like to sow.  I believe in the law of reciprocation. It is unavoidable. I know there are probably many bloggers, etc who wonder why they do not get what they think they deserve and, to be honest, I think they like to reap where they have not sown. I don’t deserve your comments, your likes, or your shares, but my hope is that the material I share, post, or produce will be worthy of all those things and if I miss the boat once or twice you’ll be generous anyway.

Your turn:

If you want to be generous go and

Comment on 3 blogs you regularly read but have never commented

Recommend 5 resources that have greatly benefited you

Retweet 10 tweets

Be generous and see what happens.



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