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What Is The Perfect Gift For High School Graduates?

5 · 09 · 17

Every parent and youth worker are asking this question. If you are youth worker, we’ve all been down that path where we are looking for that something special and wind up giving out graduating seniors a bible and card. There’s nothing wrong with that but I think you have way more to offer your seniors.

Each of us have our own gifts, talents and abilities. Why don’t we use them to bless our kids?

If you write music, compose and record a song for each of them.

If you’re good at graphic design make each one of them their own super hero logo.

If you’re good at sowing, make them a special stole for grad day.

In my latest video, I share our unique gift and how you can create the same for your students.

Check out the video below and get inspired.

Here are the links to the supplies you need

Antique Map of Africa

Antique World Map

Espresso Spray Paint

Travel Stickers

Check out the finished product!

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