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  1. I’m currently working through:
    Cat & Dog Theology by Bob Sjogren and Gerald Robison
    Radical by David Platt
    Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields

    Between a neck breaking speed through school and military duties, I don’t have much time for “fun” reading at the moment 🙂

  2. James Watson

    I too am reading Catching Fire.
    I’m also reading “The Hole In our Gospel” by Richard Stearns
    “50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die” by Piper (Devotional)
    “Unexpected Love: God’s Heart Revealed in Jesus’ Conversations with Women” by Julie Coleman (I’m reading this together with my female intern, though it’s pretty awesome as a guy too!)
    “The Attributes of God, Vol. 1” by Tozer (I’m leading a College Bible Study through this book.)

    I wish people would stop publishing books for a while so I could catch up!

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