What is the difference in these two promos?

Masters Promo 1


Did you figure it out? Simple: One piece invites kids to fun and contests and the other to life change. I almost made the mistake again today as I was making the promo piece above and I felt a check in my spirit. I felt the Holy Spirit say, “Paul, just invite them to what you want them to experience.” I did not want kids to experience our program or contests, games, or prizes. I’ve done that and plenty of kids walked away with the latter but no life change. Bait and switch is a dead end. In the end it’s easier to promote pizza because we can produce that. It requires no faith. But life change requires prayer. If we put life change on a post car or on a FB post, we have to own it, pray for it , and design it into our pogromming. Pizza and games require much less effort.

We have a choice, get kids in with the promotion of the week and hope for change or promote what kids are really looking for and cannot get most other places, a changed life through Jesus Christ.

My plan, this year, is to leave out the things that kids can get else where. This does not mean we will not have things like games, food, etc. It’s just not what I’ll be promoting. Call it truth in evangelizing.

What do you think? Does your promotions lead t life change? Is there still too much bait and switch in the church? Tell me about t.

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