Your Turn DevotionsPsalm 1-1

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may notice that at the end of every post I say “Your Turn”.  I’ve been playing tag with you. I am saying “Your it!, do something. Nothing worse than playing tag with a person who just stand there, right?

Sometimes I’m pushing you in the chest trying to provoke a respond. (which I need to do more of)

Sometimes I’m giving you a big kiss on the lips, like in my inspirational posts. I’m a lover looking to see if you kiss back, feel the way I feel.

How we respond or don’t, to blog posts or other humans, makes me wonder how many interactions we miss our turn at everyday.

Would we rather go through the self check out line than interact with a cashier?

Would we rather go through the drive through than go into the bank?

Hundreds of interactions happen every day that give a chance to respond but we don’t take them. Why?

Do we not want to get involved?

Bear the weight of of someone else’s burdens?

Take too much time?

Have we become like Patrick Warburton in those commercials for National Car Rental

“You can choose any car in the lot and you don’t even have to to talk to a human, unless you want to, and I don’t. ”

Does the commercial prophesy or reflect our culture who doesn’t care for human interaction any more?

If you are a youth pastor, like me, we declare weekly what Christ did his who life, “What I am saying deserves response”. Jesus throws a hand grenade into the room and says, what are you going to do with this?

“Follow me”

“You must be born again”

“Who do men say I am”

He challenged everyone’s idea about women, the sick, the poor, and about God. He says to us today “It’s your turn” What will you do with me, my words, today?”

We have a chance every day to respond to the needs of our world like Christ did, but will we?

Here are five quotes about social interaction to get you thinking


Social media is an amazing tool, but it’s really the face-to-face interaction that makes a long-term impact. – Felicia Day


For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.                        – Margaret Heffernan


“Exchanging energy (human touch)  among humans is a grossly underestimated thing.                                   – Gary Vaynerchuck


Connecting with people is not hard. I love the interaction and the feedback after shows. It does take some time, but the fans appreciate it which makes it worth it. – Gabriel Iglesias ________________
We’re losing social skills, the human interaction skills, how to read a person’s mood, to read their body language, how to be patient until the moment is right to make or press a point. Too much exclusive use of electronic information dehumanises what is a very, very important part of community life and living together. – Vincent Nichols

Now, as always, It’s your turn (tag, push, kiss), do something.

Are you quick, slow, or non-compliant when it comes to human interaction?

Are you quick, slow, or non-compliant when it comes to God interaction?



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