Was just looking at my calendar for next year. It’s packed. The question is: What’s the point? Do I want every weekend of my life packed? Does a packed schedule = success or just business. It is a question of timing. When is the right time to do an event or no events? Students want to be busy all the time, especially Jr. Higher’s but what do we teach them if we pack every weekend and take no time for ourselves and our families or create space for them and their families. maybe we don’t need every kid at everything event (this will be a different blog) Consider the timing:

When is it time not to have event? (How about when students don’t plan it)

  • When is it time to get away with your family?
  • When is it time to kill a program?
  • When is it time to go on a personal retreat?
  • When is it time to have that conversation or make that phone call?
  • When is it time to get rid of that volunteer or get that new volunteer?
  • When is it time to rest and enjoy?
  • When is it time to work like mad?
  • When is it time to sow and when is it time to reap?

Ecclesiastes 3 says, There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:”

So, we know there IS a time , but it is up to us to seek the Lord, seek the advice and input of our adult and students leaders, and determine WHEN these times should be. In fact, why not take your youth calendar and compare it to Ecclesiastes 3. Any correlations or revelations? (I feel a resource coming on)

So, get out your calendar , your white out, and your high lighter and get busy, if you have time.

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