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This Weeks Youth Room Jams

11 · 07 · 14



Every week I check out songs on Itunes. I go through almost every genre (sorry classical) looking for songs that will make the teens in my group tap their toes and bob their head. I mostly use Christian music so the list will be Christian Music heavy but it is not beyond me to use contemporary, clean, music that connects with my students. Here are my top  songs of the week in no particular order.

Eye On It  Phenomenal/Soul Glow Remix – Toby Mac

Immortals – Fall Out Boy- Big Hero Six Soundtrack

 Stronger EP- Group One Crew

Insomniac – Tripp Lee

Clap Your Hands Remix – Andrea Helms

Be The Change – Shuree

Put Me On – Loose Cannon 2

Free Metal Sampler Scream-fest from Solid State Records


Your Turn:

What’s currently rockin’ your youth room?










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