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This is My 500th Blog Post And This Is Why It Matters

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Some say you shouldn’t make a big deal about mile stones and that I should act like I’ve been here. But I haven’t been there. To be honest, I almost didn’t make it. This 500th blog post matters to me because I don’t think I wasn’t suppose to be here

I’m just a poor kid from Brooklyn who was adopted by good people. I have some education but no degree. I have suffered from depression on and off for the past 10 years and, as a teenager, almost died from excessive drinking. To be here, to write, is a privilege and a gift.

At times during this journey I felt like the climber who, every step of the way, thinks,  “I am going to climb down and let others claim this mountain”  To me, 500 is a big deal so pardon me while I enjoy my place (not the top) on the mountain,

“Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor.” Galatians 6:6

Here are my thank you’s to those who have instructed me:

I want to thank Mr. Epstein and Mr. Strauss for being prophets in my life by giving me a creative writing award in 6th grade. That told me I had it in me.

I want to thank all the people whose content I’ve consumed, consistently, that made me better, made me think, and told me not to give up including:

The guys at Fizzle – Corbett, Chase, , Steph Crowder, and Barrett Brooks and the former Woj Bomb

@patflynn at







And finally, and most importantly, all the readers/youth workers who have commented, liked, and re-tweeted any of my posts ever.

If you are a writer, blogger, or content creator, don’t give up. The best is yet to come.

It’s my 500th blog post and this is what it means to me

It means it took me longer to get here than I wanted to.

It means I’ve made a ton of mistakes and kept doing it anyway.

It means I’ve wanted to quit more often than I’ve wanted to try.

It means I’ve stared at a lot of blank pages for a very long time.

It means I’ve struggled to find my voice.

It meant lonely times waiting for feedback that never came.

It also means

It means it will not take me nearly as long (it took me three years to get here) to reach 1,oo0 posts.

It means I’ve seen the number of readers grow.

It means I have gotten better at writing what my audience wants/needs to hear.

It means I am thankful for every comment, share, and re-tweet.

It means I am still finding my voice but it’s getting clearer.

It means I’ve grown personally, professionally, and spiritually.

It means I did not get here alone.

and most importantly,

It means I haven’t quit.

Thank God.

Feel free so share your thoughts, questions, and or congrats in the comments below. Thanks.


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