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The Youth Pastor’s Identity

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With your youth ministry getting ready to kick back into gear, there is the temptation to become busy again, to over-plan, to stretch yourself too far and to fill up calendar for no good reason other than you find your value in the activity or the work. Granted, you may be read to get busy after all the rest you’ve had (I joke, especially if you’re home schooling)

You’ll be tempted to get into that old groove of putting on those many hats, but those hats don’t define you, they’re only roles you take on to do a task.

You must remember you are first and foremost God’s child. You’re not his missionary, his worker or his ambassador, first. First, you are his son or daughter.

To minister to young people you have to work our youth identity first, and it is always ongoing. It’s possible to get stuck in a role and think that’s all you are, but everything comes from your heart, that’s why proverbs says,

Guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life – Proverbs 4:23

You can have your meeting ready your message ready, and all the trimming of youth ministry prepared, but if your heart is not ready, all of it will feel very hollow.

Youth Pastor is a role, husband/wife is a role but son and daughter is an identity, it clarifies that you belong to someone.

You don’t belong to the church, you don’t even belong to your family, first and format you belong to God. He gave you new brith, a second birth, He is your father and you are his child.

I recently heard a song by Jillian Edwards called Heavens Eyes, part of it goes like this

I’m standing under the waterfall
Of your approval and I find that I don’t need
Anything else or anyone else but you
Your mercy’s a song that I know by heart
but I forget the words the moment I start to trust
anything else or anyone else but you

Show me how to stay here, stay here, stay here
I’ll just wait here, wait here

Speak over me
Tell me again that I’m someone you love,
Let it sink in, tell me a million times
Who I am in heaven’s eyes

So I’m letting go
Of all other names that I
gave myself when I heard you say
Come and find yourself in heaven’s eyes
Heaven’s eyes

Let go of all the names others have given you or that you have given yourself, positive or negative, and sit at the feet of Jesus to hear once again who you are in His eyes.

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