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6 Things I Do The Week Before Youth Camp

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If you want to ensure a successful camp with the minimum amount of problems, do these six things the week before camp.

I meet individually with students who I think might cause me a problem.I challenge them to step up and lead or give them a job for the week, such as watching out for younger students to make sure they’re not picked on.

I over communicate with parents about any changes.

I make sure every kid has signed our camp standards covenant.

I think of a surprise or bonus I can spring on the kids that week. It could be as simple as candy bars or free t-shirts.

I make sure my Pastor has a count and a list of campers so he can pray for us individually

I meet one final time with parents right before the trip for about 10 minutes to challenge them to prepare a home where they can live out the things they have committed in their hearts to Christ.

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