I was reading about Darren Shaper’s trial and sentencing today. He said something that kind of shocked me:

“I still don’t know why I lived my life right for 38 years, and then I took this path.”

I find this little hard to believe. Do we just “take a path” one day?

Or, was Darren making small adjustments all along his journey?

A compromise here, a softening of a conviction there, all adds up to miles out of our way to where we want to be.

Recently a man jumped from an airplane without a parachute into a net. In this case, a miss is a miss whether it’s by a few hundred feet or an inch.

We must take care that the narrow road does not grow wider as we walk.

I don’t judge Darren, but his words have certainly challenged me to check my own moral compass and to break out the life map to make sure I’m gong where I really want to go without taking any short cuts.

Your Turn

Do you believe we just one day “take another path”?



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