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The Number One Reason I’m Not Ministering To More People

10 · 01 · 17

I don’t judge, I react and sell. – @garyvee

I love entrepreneur and CEO Gary Vayerchucks’ directness. He’s a salesman and he’s trying to get to the sale. Gary eliminates anything that gets in the way of the sale because he values speed. Judgment gets in the way of him moving as fast as possible, so it has to go.

His words have been bugging me for a few months now because I know I’m not doing as much as ministry as I like, going as fast as I like,  because I’m allowing judgement to interfere with “the sale”.

In other words, I’m complicating things.

Judgement is an anchor that slowing me down.

Judgement make my life less aerodynamic.

Judgement makes me process things too long. It makes me fearful of who I might offend or upset.

Judgement keeps me from saying yes to loving people right where they are.

Too much thinking, processing, exegeting,  keeps me from, what Gary calls, “the sale”.

Gary doesn’t allow a persons color, gender, or sexual orientation, or even past hurts get in the way of “the sale”. Gary loves to tell stories about people who screwed him in the past but later wanted him on their podcast or to do a favor or to do business with. Gary said yes every time. In other words, if he deal is good, everybody’s money is as green as the next persons, even the people I don’t like. Gary doesn’t let personal feelings get in the way of his generosity. He likes to say, “Doing the right thing is always the right thing.”

As a follower of Jesus, I don’t see Jesus getting bogged down in the process of who He will minister to. Everyone needs help. Everyone’s soul is of equal value.

Jesus didn’t care if you were a woman, a leper, or a tax collector. He didn’t care about the taboo or the rules. His  “sale” was ministry. Jesus wanted people to be well, to be whole, to be saved, to be safe, to be loved and He didn’t allow for anything to slow that down.

Me on the other hand, I feel like I’ve been living the Christian life at a snails pace. I feel like I’ve been moving in spiritual slow motion. If I want to move faster and minister to more people, I have to cut the anchor.

In the movie Yes man, Jim Carey, plays a man who has played it safe, until he decided to say yes to every opportunity that came his way. This new way of approaching things was liberating at first, but in the end it was exhausting. Good judgement doesn’t mean saying yes to every opportunity, but it does mean saying yes to the right opportunities.

My judging is keeping me from helping people, praying with people, eating with people, building stronger relationships with people, forgiving people and depriving others from the help and hope I might be able to offer which, in the end, is ultimately hurting me.

Judgement is a barrier to my progress, my prosperity, and my personal growth and I need to stop. It’s easier said than done, but I’ll start with cutting the anchor off today today and see how fast I can go from there.

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