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The Most Interesting Youth Group In The World

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I recently had a student text me who had not been in youth for a while. It was a random text. he said, “I am bringing a few friends to church Wednesday. They feel judged at their other church.”

This random text reminds me of the the Dos Equis Commercial ” I don’t normally drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.” What this kid was saying, “I don’t normally come to  youth group, but when I do, I go to Fusion.”

This student felt comfortable enough telling me that he felt bringing his friends to youth group because he thinks the chances are less likely we’ll judge hi friends. I don’t know the situation with the other church, it could be nothing at all or maybe they just had a hissy fit and left. Who knows.

Every meeting is chance for us to  improve our reputation. What will kids be saying after our youth meeting?

That’s the group that

  • Plays lots of games
  • Preaches too long
  • Judges my friends
  • Feeds my shame instead of my hope
  • Is hung up on titles and labels


  • Loves me like Jesus
  • Speaks the truth in love
  • Walks with me through trouble
  • I felt God working in me and through me
  • Doesn’t judge me or my friends

What will kids be saying after your youth meeting?

What do you think your youth ministry’s reputation is? (ask your kids)

What do you think you could do to improve your reputation? (ask your kids)

For your enjoyment and inspiration…the most interesting man in the world


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