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The Fight of Faith Begins Before You Get In The Ring

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“If you can see it and have the courage enough to speak it, it will happen. A lot of times people believe in certain things but they keep it to themselves, they don’t put it out there. If you believe in it enough the law of attraction will come into it and it will happen.” – Conor McGregor UFC Lightweight Champ  source USA Today

I am not a believer in the law of attraction but I am a believer in the law of faith.

I don’t believe,  just because I want something bad enough it will come to me but I do believe God desires to bless my efforts and to to give me the desires of my heart.

The fight of faith begins before you …

Step into the ring.

Step into prayer.

Step to the microphone.

Step on the field.

What God has already done is ours today and I will not doubt Him. I will speak of his mercies and miracles, not as if they are in he past, but that are here today, waiting to be unwrapped like presents.

Speak what is true. Speak it loudly, not for God to hear but to hear it for yourself.

Your Turn

What do you need to stop whispering/mumbling about and start yelling about?



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