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The 9 Most Important Christmas Party Questions Youth Pastors Must Ask

If you’re party is already planned, that’s ok, maybe this list will spark something for next year or give you a chance to level up this years Christmas party. Let’s get into it.

Q1: In house our outreach?

Is this party something just for your students or are you encouraging them to bring friends? 

Is this a large scale event, like a lock in but you’re having your Christmas party as a part of it? 

Is it for your students to bond and fellowship together? 

Deciding In house or outreach will determine how you market the event. 

Q2: Where will we have the party?

A restaurant? The youth room? A church members house? 

Location matters because the environment you choose could determine what games you play, how loud the music you can get, etc. 

Last year we had the party an my home and this was the first time our students were at my house so there was the goal of students feeling comfortable with me and my wife and seeing how we live. Great for smaller youth groups. 

Q3: How Long will the party be? 

Why does this matter? Think about the parties you’ve been to that dragged on too long an you were looking for an escape. How long your party is determines what activities you can fit in, comfortably, time to eat and time for something like Dirty Santa, which can take a while depending on the size of your group.

I say always leave students wanting more. My party will be 3 hours but it will be jam packed with fun from the time kids come in until they leave.      

Q4: What food will we serve?

Fancy sit down? Pizza? Pot Luck? The food you serve and how you serve it can be a wow moment if you want it to be or it could just be a normal pray and devour kind of thing. We are doing finger foods at our party, made by our host, and she is a great cook so that is off my mind. 

Q5: Will there be a theme? 

Does your party have a theme like Ugly Sweater or International Christmas? Theme can certainly help inform your food choices like a Christmas Fiesta or a Christmas Luau like I had few years ago. There are over 13 theme ideas in my Youth Pastor’s Ultimate Christmas Party Check List.

Q6: What games or activities will we have? 

How long your part is will determine what you can squeeze in. We’ll be having a few quick games, Dirty Santa and a new one this year called Christmas Cup Surprise.

I don’t think there is a right amount of games or activities for a youth Christmas Party but I would watch if involvement starts to drop and switch gears to keep things moving.

I have more Christmas games and activities in this playlist.

Q7: Will there be prizes?

Are you going big with Video Games systems or keeping it simple?  In house or outreach as well as your budget may determine this but I am going simple but interesting this year. Cracker Barrel has some interesting items like old school games and giant candy bars. 

Q8: Will there be a devotion or something spiritual to the party? 

It’s not mandatory to have a devotion but, if you are doing an outreach, there may be students at your party who have never heard the gospel or even the Christmas story. There is no rule that says you have to lead the devotion so you might want to think about asking a student or another leader to share.

Q9: How will you end the party?

Will the devotion be the last thing or will Dirty Santa be the last thing? This depends on how you want students to feel when they leave the party. 

My hope is that you have an awesome Christmas Party and your students grow closer together and much fun is had and memories are made. 

If you’d like more ideas, like themes and activities, as well as a planning sheet, prize ideas, and more sign up for my newsletter and download The Ultimate Christmas Party Checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything. 

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