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Take Note Youth Pastors, Your Teens Are Taking Notes

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This past Wednesday I was blown away after youth group. I spoke with a senior high girl after youth, who had come with her boy friend, and saw her holding a bunch scrap paper with scribbling in her hand. They were notes from my message. I didn’t say anything, but inwardly I was thankful I had said anything worth writing down.

Just because our kids do not have a pen and paper in their hands, they are taking mental notes. Here are the mental notes I think my students are taking and I craft my messages with these in  mind:

– Is the person speaking to me trust worthy? Can I trust what they say?

– Is what this person sharing something practical? Does this help me solve a problem (My message was on resolving conflict from a biblical perspective )

– Does the person speaking believe what he or she is saying?

– Can I connect with these ancient figures from scripture? Are they like me?

– Is this person taking a simple idea and complicating it? (in this case, they put he mental pen down and go to sleep)

Now, the written note is an anomaly in my group. There happened to be some paper in the  tables we had kids sitting around that night. Some kids do take notes on their phone. Maybe I should put out scrap paper every week or I could recommend these note taking apps.

For the more creative types, I have two that bring their sketch paps every week, maybe I’ll ask them sum up my message in a picture. This is what I do in church as of late, here is this past Sunday’s


Here are a few good doodle apps for iphone and ipad you could recommend to your creative types. And here are a few more.

Do your kids take notes?

Do you encourage your kids to take notes?

Do you use hand outs with blanks?

How do you encourage kids to connect with your message every week?

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