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Spice Up Your Youth Ministry Game Night With Dice Spice

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Are you looking for an inexpensive way to spice up your youth ministry games? Dice Spice is here to help you. Dice Spice is the  new, fun, and printable game for your whole youth ministry.

I created this game because I wanted high involvement, high engagement, chaos, and laughter and so Dice Spicand was born. Here’s what you receive for only $2.99

In this game you receive

  • Instructions on how to play
  • Six Printable Holiday Dice Spice Cards
  • One Back To School Dice Spice Card
  • One Generic Any Old Time Dice Spice Card
  • A Graphic for your Power Point or Keynote

These are instant winners for those holiday season and beyond. Never be left unprepared. Add some spice to your youth ministry games and pick up Dice Spice in the Disciple Project Store today!

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