I saw this pic on Twitter. I’m not sure whether the person who posted this was a Christian or not. Upon first glance I had a  knee jerk reaction to this shirt. My Pharisee-0-Meter went off the chart.

I get it, we’re imperfect, but should we be this honest about our imperfections?  Or worse, is this a form of flaunting and taking too much pride in our struggle with sin? I mean, what’s next?

I love Jesus but I watch porn sometimes?

I love Jesus but sometimes I get drunk?  (It exits in a downgraded fashion here)

On second thought,  maybe we should have more         t-shirts like this. Maybe it would make us more compassionate towards others. Maybe we’d pray for each other more if we really knew what was really going on. You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Maybe the next step is that we we wear our struggle/sin on our t-shirts.

Your Turn

Finish this sentence if you owned this shirt, I Love Jesus but I _____________________

Would it help you or hurt you to wear this on a t-shirt?

If you saw someone wearing this shirt how would you react?

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