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Rebuilding Your Youth Ministry With Online Coaching

11 · 27 · 18

With all that is happening in our world with Covid-19 pandemic, youth churches and youth ministries are currently meeting virtually. I see tons of great things youth workers doing and I applaud them, but I still think about the youth workers who were already on shaky ground with their churncor youth ministry and this chaos did not help.

I have read of churches letting their youth pastors go during this time (not cool churches) and others who are trying to turn a bad thing into a less bad thing.

Let me suggest that this may be the best time to hit the reset button and get the coaching you need for when all this is over the you get to start over.

Imagine a group of five youth pastors meeting twice a month to invest in one another’s lives and help each other through their challenges. I’ve decided to put together a coaching group. Some call this a mastermind group but I’m no mastermind. I prefer a Ministry Minded group because, in the end, we want to be good ministers of the gospel and stewards of our ministries.

I want to offer you a chance to be a part of such a group  The group will have a twice a month video call where we will discuss:

  • what’s going on in your ministry
  • work on your  ideas, messages, retreats and dreams
  • and gather for much needed fellowship and prayer

If you’re interested in 

  • quality training
  • deeper relationships
  • building a successful youth ministry
  • digging into the creative process of youth work
  • gaining confidence to meet and exceed expectations
  • developing your leader skills

then this group is for you.

Having ministered to hundreds of students and youth workers over the past 30 years, I understand the unique challenges of being a youth pastor and the snares that try to sabotage your success. I can help you avoid the pitfalls that sink most youth workers and help you find the path that leads to fulfill whatever God has put on you heart.

These coaching sessions currently happen on Monday or Tuesday nights and you are welcome to sit in on a free session just to check it out.

If you have any questions, send me a message below or email me at I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you have questions, visit the FAQ Page

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