If you are trying to achieve anything, expect the struggle. The struggle is the most important part of growth. 

We struggled from the womb to world, now here we are. 

We must wrestle with our struggle as Jacob wrestled with God and we must not release our struggle until it has blessed us with knowledge, insight or some boon that furthers our journey. 

Struggle is the in-between. It is the holy ground between where we are and where we want to be. We must honor the struggle, but not worship it. It is both passing and present in the same moment. 

The struggle is not the absence of God, but rather it is the time span or the moment where we choose to press in and know God better. Struggle is where we have our grow up, put on our big boy and big girl pants moments and face the excuses that want to kill our dreams.

The struggle exists to remind us that we are struggling FOR something.

Don’t give up. 

There is no growth without struggle.

Struggle on.


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