Last year I had the privilege of interviewing Cassandra Smith on my YouTube channel about her book Letters to God. You can watch the interview HERE. She recently put out a companion four week  curriculum book, Project Restored, to help students talk about and talk through some of the pain they have experienced in they lives and how God can restore them.

The book is broken down into four chapters and a resource section. The chapter are

– State of a Generation

– “I Have This Friend ”

– Stress, Mess, and Conflict

– Paging God

Each week based on the letters Cassandra collected off the floor after Aquire the Fire rallies. Cassandra took these prayers and put together a book, Letters To God,  for youth workers, parents, and students urging us to lean in to the hurt of others and to love the teens around us with the love of God.  These letters are filled with prayers that were heartbreaking and the feeling of being lost. Some are hopeful and yet without resolve. The letters create a tension that your kids will take to as they are asked how they would deal with someone in this situation. It may even be that a teen in your ministry is going through the same exact thing.

Each lesson is fill with options including

  • Message Outlines
  • Hand on exercises
  • Ministry Moments
  • Scripture References
  • Suggested Video Clips

There are also plenty of crisis resources for each chapter.

We all have hurting kids in our group. Project Restored is a way to get these hurting kids to open up and find the restoration, forgiveness, love, and healing they desperately need.

You can buy Project Restored on Kindle or in physical form

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