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Preaching Revolution From The Inside Out

9 · 09 · 14

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The Hunger Games newest movie Mockingjay Pat 1 will be out in November and I have been on board from the books and the first movie. The first movie’s dark side is easily revealed in the brutal battles between teenagers. Because this movie is meant for entertainment, and because we want happy endings, we can downplay or overlook the darkness of the oppressive government that makes these kids fight in the first place. These teens are aren’t bad or evil, but they accept the necessity of becoming bad in order to survive.

Oppression can be looked at as something that happens in other countries like Iran or Russia. Just because our kids are not jumping in a physical arena to duke it it out, they do enter a mental arena daily to fight for freedom from the mental and spiritual oppression of peer pressure, a lewd culture that begs them to conform, and the spirit of apathy that fights againt the spark to do the right thing.

My students need, and want, a revolution but they need to

Hear the call to revolt

Develop the skills to fight and

Understand that for every oppressor there is a liberator waiting in the wings and it might be them.

I’ve recently written a four week curriculum called Catching On Fire that breaks down how to fight oppressive attitudes

Here is what you get  with Catching On Fire

  • Four weeks of lessons and Power Point slides
  • Scripture Memory Cards
  • Scavenger Hunt and The Clock of Doom
  • Power Closers
  • 10 Minute Curriculum Coach
  • Resource Suggestions Sheet

My hope is that this material will be the gasoline that will ignite a revolution from the inside out with your youth ministry.

Let’s equip our kids with the good news of Jesus  that  will overthrow the sin, shame, and attitudes that oppress them.

You can watch me talk about the material below

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