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Patriots Malcolm Butler: I Had A Vision

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In an short, emotional post Superbowl interview, safety Patriots Malcolm Butler said, “I had a vision, I saw myself making a big play.”  That self-fulfilling prophecy made the Patriots Superbowl winners and  made Butler a New England legend.

As a teenager, the vision for my life did not involve making a game winning play; maybe because I was never a great athlete. Instead of dreaming and seeing a “big win”, I allowed worst case scenarios to flood my mind.

What if _____________ happens?

What if I don’t get the part?

What if she says no?

I measured my wins on a small scale. If we are not careful, this carries over to our adult lives. In the middle of my career I started to define my ministry in small wins:

– I didn’t get in trouble

– No one complained

– I didn’t cause a fuss

– I didn’t make any one mad

– I broke even

My leadership often made it easy to enjoy these small victories and made it hard for me to dream and risk, so I settled. Small wins are ok if you thats all you want for your life. It’s not what I want. At the end of my life I don’t want to sit back in my old age and open up a photo albums of “small wins”. I don’t see myself breaking out the album and sharing with a guest, “Yes, this is the time I took no risks and skated by. Good times.”.

Malcolm Butler saw himself making making a big play, contributing to a big win.  Tomorrow I’ll share what I define as my wins in youth youth ministry and  maybe even dream a bit about the big wins for my personal life. Join me.

Your Turn

How did you define “wins” as a teenager?

How have they defined your wins as an adult?

How are are your “small wins”  keeping you from dreaming big about “big wins” ?



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